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I was incredibly impressed with this new formulation, there is no ghosting seen after cutting twice the following morning after application and the brightness of the line was amazing, with less paint used in marking out than with its current formulation. Even five hours of non-stop torrential rain during the tournament did not affect the brightness of the line

Keith Kent - Twickenham head groundsman

Since taking the decision to use Rigby Taylor's Impact Gold line marking system my staff have commented on not only the brightness, but also the longevity of our pitch markings.
We are now use less paint but get brighter lines. The flexibility of the nozzle choices puts us in complete control of marking frequency without a drop in line quality.
Machine maintenance and cleaning is simple. I am personally delighted with the impact gold system and we are now running four markers.
I would without hesitation recommend this system to my fellow professionals.

Neil Whitford - Head of Grounds, Ardingly College

I am the Head Groundsman at the above school, and changed to the new Impact Glider marker and Impact Gold paint in January 2011. I used the standard Impact paint before and thought that could not be bettered, but how wrong I was.

The new marker and Impact Gold paint is easier to use and gives a brighter line, even after rain. Getting started could not be simpler, and marking the equivalent of seven pitches with less than ten litres of paint is amazing.

It has even saved money on the previous system, is quicker, and having the nozzle head inside the protection bar is a big improvement.

On finishing marking, the cleaning of the machine takes minuets, and it is back in the shed ready for next time. Another advantage I found, was, using only one litre of paint per football pitch the amount of paint I have to store is much less, freeing up valuable space in the sheds.

I would recommend this system without any reservations.

Sean Boxall - Head Groundsman, New Beacons School, Kent

We provide grounds services to schools and sports grounds in West Yorkshire this requires us to line mark football pitches and also athletics and rounders pitches during the summer. Having used the Impact Glider line marker machine along with the Impact paint for several years we had a fair amount of experience and had been pleased with the results.

As we did not 'burn' in the lines it meant that we needing to keep a close eye on the pitch and weather conditions and to ensure that we overmarked at the correct time and could follow the previous line. This decision put is in a good position for generating new business as the overall appearance, without burning in the lines, was greatly enhanced.

At the end of last summer, after outstanding field trials, we took the decision to use the Impact Gold paint and it might be best just to tell you our experience.

The trials were carried out on 2 neighbouring football pitches. The first marked with Impact and then we changed to Impact Gold for the second pitch. The results were immediate.

For the operator the first impressions are that the line is much whiter, brighter and you feel like you have used vast amounts of paint. The only way we could get lines that bright before was by triple marking.

After the first mark out we found we had used between 1.5 -2 litres and looking back that was because we were going slower using the Impact to make the lines brighter. Now we are familiar with the product we use approx 1.5 litres per pitch.

The preparation time required before marking has been reduced as the Gold mixes much more readily than the Impact. Incidentally we have not had one issue with blocked nozzles due to incorrect shaking and mixing.

The volumes of product we carry have been drastically reduced. On one of our runs we overmark 4 full sizes football pitches and 3 mini pitches all from 10 litres of Gold.

In saying all this, without doubt, the biggest single benefit we get from Impact Gold is the longevity of the lines in all conditions. We have experienced snow cover for nearly 5 weeks and the lines have been so strong we haven't had to overmark come the thaw. Due to the aerosol that is produced using the Gold nozzle been so much finer it gets down further to the base of the grass so that in growing conditions it shows bright much longer. The times we really notice are after heavy rain.

Before we changed over to we used to have to alter our schedule if we had heavy rain. With Gold we learnt that we don't need to worry.

David Burlison